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Major repairs to your home are essential works that are needed so that an elderly person can remain living in their home. These works are significant repairs such as structural repairs, replacing kitchens and bathrooms, repair or replacement of roofs, and other work to fix damaged or broken parts of a home. Sometimes the work is such that an older person may have to move out of their home for a period, but not always. Home Improvement Agencies can provide advice and practical help to help older people get essential home repairs undertaken.

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Bedfordshire (1) Cambridgeshire (2) Cheshire (1) Cumbria (2) Devon (1) Dorset (1) East Sussex (4) Essex (1) Gloucestershire (1) Greater London (7) Greater Manchester (2) Hampshire (1) Herefordshire (1) Hertfordshire (1) Kent (1) Lancashire (2) Lincolnshire (1) Merseyside (1) Norfolk (2) North Yorkshire (1) Nottinghamshire (1) Oxfordshire (2) Somerset (3) Staffordshire (4) Surrey (3) Warwickshire (2) West Midlands (3) West Sussex (1) West Yorkshire (1) Wiltshire (1)

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East Renfrewshire (1) Fife (1) Glasgow (2) Moray (1) North Lanarkshire (1) Renfrewshire (2) South Lanarkshire (1)

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Flintshire (1) Swansea (1) Wrexham (1)