Equal opportunities

Outlines our equal opportunities policy.

Statement of Intent

EAC’s Equal Opportunities Policy applies to this website, as it does to all of its services.

The policy aims to ensure that no service user, or prospective service user, is subject to discriminatory treatment on the grounds of race, religion, sexual orientation, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, disability, age, gender, family status, or through being HIV positive or through contracting AIDS, or is otherwise disadvantaged by conditions or requirements which cannot be shown to be justifiable.

In developing its policy, EAC has recognised and considered the requirements of the Human Rights Act 1998, Disability Discrimination Act 1995, Race Relations Act 1976 (as amended) and the relevant employment legislation.

This website

EAC is committed to ensuring equality of opportunity in the provision of its services. To this end, it intends to continue developing this website in ways that enhance its relevance to all users, particularly through the inclusion of material that specifically addresses the needs and aspirations of minority communities, disadvantaged groups, people with disabilities or impairments, and people whose first language is not English.