Accommodation data products

EAC data products draw on the huge datasets we maintain on UK specialist housing provision and care homes for older people.

All of this information is available to view in the Accommodation section of this website, but our data products provide it in more convenient forms for professional users.

Information about individual housing and care facilities

We supply national, regional and local datasets showing details of individual housing schemes/developments and care homes. These are intended for use in all forms of research, market research, modelling and strategic planning, including within GIS systems. We supply the data under a Licence Agreement that defines the purposes for which it may be used.

Supply analyses

Earlier examples of two of our most popular statistical publications are available to download:

Analyses of provision by tenure and broad split by type (Housing with support, Housing with care, by authorities and authority types.

Analysis of specialist housing and care home provision by regions, counties and districts.

For more information about EAC data products please contact John Galvin, 020 7820 7867 or

EAC Positive Images of Older People collection

These specially commissioned photographs are available for limited non-commercial use in publications and websites. A nominal charge is made, half of which goes to the photographer.

We invite photographers to submit their own positive images of elderly people. We can provide a standard form to record the sitter’s permission for EAC to use their image for non-commercial purposes. Contact or on 020 7820 1682