Assessment and diagnosis is crucial is helping to understand what options may be best for an individual person. The Alzheimer’s Society has a range of helpful booklets for people who are worried about their memory, which can be found at

In general, the options available will be greater, the earlier a diagnosis is made. This is because someone with more advanced dementia may have difficulty adapting to a new environment.

If you find it difficult to locate specialist accommodation for elderly people with dementia in our ‘Search for’ section, please do not hesitate to contact our free Advice Line.

For more information on the choice of housing or care homes for people who have Alzheimers or another form dementia, please read Accommodation options for older people who have dementia (EAC Advice).

The Alzheimer’s Society has a range of materials for people who are worried about their memory, which can be found at

If you are concerned about someone who is confused or forgetful and not always able to make their own decisions, please read Arrangements for making decisions for other people (EAC Advice leaflet).

For specialist advice on dementia, contact:

Alzheimer’s Society
Helpline: 0300 222 1122
Information on all forms of dementia and a range of factsheets.
Provision of local services in many areas.

Disabled Living Foundation (DLF)
Helpline: 0300 999 0004
Information on aids and adaptations for people with disabilities, including assistive technology.

Assistive Technology and how to obtain it
DLF ‘Living made easy’ website:

Dementia UK – Admiral Nursing Direct helpline
Helpline: 0800 888 6678
Admiral Nurses are specialised nurses who provide advice and support for carers of people who have dementia.