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Services to help you live safely and well at home

Maintaining your home in good, secure, safe and warm condition may present increasing problems as you grow older.

Help to make your home more age-friendly

Making your home more age-friendly

A challenge we all face as we get older is to think about where we live, and how it will work for us when we’re older. If you intend to ‘stay put’ where you are, then thinking and planning ahead makes sense.

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Home improvement Agencies (HIAs), also known as Care & Repair agencies, are local non-profit organisations set up to help older people think about, plan, finance and organise work on their homes.

Handyperson services tackle smaller repair jobs, including installing safety & security devices. They are provided by many local Age UKs as well as other organisations.

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If affording work to your home is an issue, try Age UK’s Home improvements and repairs factsheet

Getting out and about

Getting older can make it more difficult to get around and do the things you used to do, or would like to do. But there are plenty of services that could help you. Our Home Services Directory offers information about:

Day centres and clubs

Transport services

Home from Hospital services