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Victim Support

Victim Supportline


The Victim Supportline is our national telephone helpline which handles over 15,000 calls a year. It is there for people to talk about their experience of crime anonymously and in confidence. Supportline volunteers can g...

Contact: Victim Supportline, London.

NHS Complaints Advocacy Service (VoiceAbility)


NHS Complaints Advocacy Service can provide information and support to anyone wishing to make a complaint about NHS treatment or care. 

Contact: NHS Complaints Advocacy, Unit 1 The Old Granary , Westwick , Oakington , Cambridge, CB24 3AR.
Winchester Advocacy Project

Winchester Advocacy Project


Advocacy is a partnership between an advocate and someone who needs support in speaking up for themselves. Advocacy can help you to find the information that you need, so that you can deal with your problems or plan for...

Contact: Winchester Advocacy Project.
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