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Confident in its resident consultation service (RCS) and with the support of Legal & General, EAC had developed and tested a Staff-and-Visitors survey of housing for later life. First trials were carried out in late 2015, in 40 schemes managed by 7 housing providers and later, in early 2016, in 220 schemes managed by 42 providers, totalling 1,400 individual respondents.

On the strength of these pilots and the RCS feedback from some 20,000 residents, EAC is now developing an All-Users survey with a single questionnaire suitable for all forms and types of retirement housing, with 30 questions addressed to residents, visitors, staff and volunteers.This All-Users survey is primarily designed to help housing providers gauge their housing schemes, and complement the information they usually collect via their own surveys, more capable of addressing issues specific to place and time.

The All-Users questionnaire will give its respondents the reassurance of the full confidentiality of a survey carried out by an independent charity,

The 30 questions questionnaire asks only for the role of the respondents, but not for their name; it also allows for an optional 50 words.

For more information, please contact Alex Billeter on 020 7820 1682 or at alex.billeter@eac.org.uk