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Up to 20,000 people use this site every day, with older people, their family members and other professionals making up the vast majority of users.

Elderly Accommodation Counsel (EAC) provide a range of services to help you get the most out of our HousingCare website. Further details on these can be found below.

Update your accommodation listings on HousingCare is the only website that provides older people and their families with information to help them understand retirement housing and compare schemes and providers. Use our free platform to present your services well, and gain your EAC Quality of Information Mark.

Update your housing schemes

Update your care home

Improve your listing

Let us work with you to improve the presentation of your services and accommodation on – and perhaps also contribute content to your own site.

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Advertise current vacancies

If you are a housing provider, we can help you advertise your vacant properties. Whether you are responsible for thousands of lets/sales or just one, we have the right package for you.

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Our data services

Our directory of almost 25,000 specialist housing developments and nearly 12,000 care homes is publicly available on HousingCare. However, we can also provide data in a range of formats for commercial and research purposes.

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EAC Consultancy

With over 30 years of experience in the housing and care sector, EAC can help your organisation better understand current trends and policy. We can also utilise our HousingCare website to quickly survey thousands of users, who are currently exploring their options.

Email to discuss our consultancy services.

EAC Housing for Older People Awards

Celebrating the successful examples of housing for older people. Nominations are made by the people that matter most; the residents, staff and visitors.

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Feedback from your residents

Our innovative Resident Consultation Service gives residents of retirement housing developments a platform from which to give honest feedback about their home.

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Innovation in information and advice

Our advice team are specialists on housing, care and related finances. We have worked in partnership with a number of local authorities, social landlords and commercial companies to deliver information and advice materials to benefit their clients.

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Entertainers Directory

A directory of Acts keen to perform in retirement housing complexes, care homes and day centres. Now UK-wide with 1,300 entries – and counting. Sign up to our directory or search for an entertainer for your housing scheme/care home

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