Retirement housing and Care homes in Belgium


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English French / Dutch
Accommodation and services for elderly people Etablissements et services pour personnes agées (French)
Care home (residential) Maison de retraite (French) Verzorgingshuis (Dutch)
Close Care Logements attenants à une maison de retraite (French) Aanleunwonen (Dutch)
Extra care, assisted living Wonen Plus (Dutch)
Home for life Levensbestendig wonen (Dutch)
Hospice Centre de soins palliatifs (French)
Long term care Soins de longue durée (French)
Nursing home Etablissement de soins de longue durée (French) Verpleeghuis (Dutch)
Retirement community/village WoonZorg Complexen (Dutch)
Retirement housing Résidence avec services (French) Senioren Woningen / Ouderen woningen (Dutch)
Sheltered housing Logement-foyer, foyer-logement (French) Beschutte woonvorm, Beschut wonen (Dutch)

Our translations might help you in conversations or in your searches on the Internet. Please remember that our translations are approximate at best since provision and types of accommodation and services for elderly people can differ widely from country to country even within the old European Union boundaries.

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