In October 2017, the Centre for Ageing Better (Ageing Better) entered a five-year partnership with Leeds City Council (LCC) and Leeds Older People’s Forum (LOPF). Together, they will pilot innovative approaches to ageing, generating new evidence that can be spread nationally, and adopting and implementing evidence of ‘what works’. An agreed priority area for the partnership is housing, including a desire to build on the Me and My Home consultation which found that older Leeds residents want to improve their understanding of their housing options and know where to go for this information.

Ageing Better commissioned research to examine what information and advice (I & A) on housing options is wanted and / or needed by older people aged 50+, from a range of tenures, across Leeds.

Publisher: Centre for Ageing Better
Published Date: 2019
Author: Sarah Frost, Simon Rippon, Herry Swain, Julie Wrigley
Length: 108pp