Shelter and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation asked us to carry out a market assessment of older people’s housing in England: both specialist retirement developments and mainstream housing suitable for people aged 55 and above.

In response, this study addresses three broad groups of questions:

● Choice, availability and affordability: If an older person or couple is thinking about moving, do they have a wide enough choice of suitable housing? Are developers and providers offering what older people want (and if not, why not)? Is lack of choice the main reason that older people stay put?

● Quality of life: What is the impact on older people’s wellbeing and quality of life if they move house or not? How does a wider choice of housing options relate to quality of life?

● Market impacts: What are the impacts on the wider housing market of older people moving home? Does an older person down-sizing free up family-sized housing for families?

We look not only at the current situation, but also at projections forward to 2033.

Publisher: New Policy Institute
Published Date: 2012
Author: Jenny Pannell, Hannah Aldridge, Peter Kenway
Length: 90pp