Many of us find that as we get older we start to think more about where we live. Do you want to stay where you are, but could do with some support to make life easier? Would repairs or adaptations make it more comfortable? Perhaps you’re thinking about moving somewhere smaller or nearer to family and friends? Or you may be considering sheltered accommodation.

This guide gives you the basic information about these different possibilities and explains how to find out more about your options. Throughout this guide you will find suggestions for organisations that can offer further information and advice on your rights and options. Their contact details can be found under ‘Useful organisations’ (see pages 29–33). Contact details for organisations near you can usually be found in your local phone book. If you have difficulty finding them, your local Age UK should be able to help (see page 29).

Publisher: Age UK
Published Date: 2021
Author: Age UK
Length: 40pp