A report from an Inquiry by the APPG on Housing and Care for Older People

There are no vaccines for dementia. One in 14 of us aged over 65, and one
in 6 of us aged over 80, will find ourselves living with dementia. There is
currently no cure, and in most cases the condition worsens over time.

Housing – where we live, where we spend nearly all our time – is a critical element in addressing this predicament. ‘Every care decision is a housing decision’, as one of our expert witnesses told us. Get the housing right and life with dementia can be eased; a move into residential care can be avoided or postponed, and places in hard-pressed care homes kept available for others who really need them.

This report makes recommendations for all the key players, with an overarching
message: joining together housing and care is key.

Publisher: APPG
Published Date: 2021
Author: Katey Twyford & Jeremy Porteus
Length: 52pp