The Trial started as an outcome from the DFG (Disabled Facilities Grant) Review carried out in 2016. The Review identified three key findings, the first having a direct relevance to this Trial:

1: New services are needed that consider people’s needs in context, including early conversations and planning for the longer term. Services surrounding the provision of housing adaptations tend to consider an individual’s needs at a single point in time – the point at which they apply for a housing adaptation. However, the property that they live in may not be suitable for them in the longer term; it does not make financial sense to carry out an expensive adaptation if the property will only support them to live independently for a short period before they need to move to alternative accommodation. There is a need for more dedicated support for vulnerable households to consider their housing options more fully before their home is assessed for an adaptation.

Publisher: Cambridgeshire County Council
Published Date: 2018
Author: Trish Reed
Length: 13pp