This report was commissioned by Genesis Housing Association, whose CE Neil Hadden says:

“Clearly, an ageing population is, for our sector, a business critical issue. Increasing supply is an imperative for us, which is why it is so welcome that this report outlines the nuances we will need to consider if we are to meet the needs of an ageing tenant profile and population, disproportionately affected by long term illness and disability; lower retirement income and potentially smaller
and more disparate support networks to rely on.

With the principal challenge, as with other tenures, being affordability, the strength of our relationships with partners, commissioners and government – central and local – will be crucial if we are to rise to the challenge. This of course matters more than ever when demand for ‘lifetime housing’ options runs
in parallel with unprecedented downward pressure on public expenditure. The solutions and finance will not necessarily come from Whitehall or the townhall. It will fall to the housing sector itself to make most of the running. And we must.

Publisher: Smith Institute
Published Date: 2015
Author: Marin Wheatley
Length: 30pp