Supporting People

The Supporting People Grant covers the support provided by an emergency alarm service and/or the Scheme Manager. This support can include emergency help, emotional advice, information and advice about benefits, and help with social or other leisure or learning activities. It does not cover personal care services, such as help with dressing, shopping, or meals.
<p>Under the Supporting People regime, the assumption is that sheltered housing residents receiving a support service will be charged for it. The exception to this is people who receive full or partial Housing Benefit (HB). Some people who do not qualify for HB may still qualify for full or partial Supporting People subsidy under the local authority Fairer Charging regime. </p>
<p>A resident’s tenancy or licence may include an obligation on the resident to pay for the support charge (unless they qualify for subsidy), or the resident may be required to enter into a contract with the support provider, completely separately from their tenancy or licence.<br /><br /><a href="">Supporting People website</a></p>