Residential care home

Apart from in Northern Ireland where it is still used, <em>residential care homes</em> are now generally referred to simply as <em>care homes.</em> And what used to be called <em>nursing homes</em> are now called <em>care homes with nursing</em>.
<p><font style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #ffffff">A care home is a residential setting where a number of older people live, usually in single rooms, and have access to on-site care services. A home registered simply as a care home&nbsp;will provide personal care only – help with washing, dressing and giving medication. Some care homes are&nbsp;registered to meet&nbsp;a specific care need, for example dementia or terminal illness. </font></p>
<p>Dual registered homes no longer exist, but homes registered for nursing care may accept people who just have personal care needs but who may need nursing care in the future.</p>