Park Homes

Park homes are residential mobile homes, some resembling bungalows and others closer to traditional caravans. Currently there are about 250,000 people living in park homes on more than 1700 sites in England and Wales. Park homes can be bought at relatively low prices. Although you usually buy your Park Home, you have to pay the site owner a rent for the pitch on which your home is installed and for maintenance of the communal areas. All privately owned sites must be licensed by the local authority. If you are interested in buying a Park Home, you can read about the Park Home Owners Charter; the charter was drawn up jointly by the residents associations and industry trade associations in consultation with the (then) Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions. There are potential problems with Park Homes that are not on a licensed site, so do get independent legal advice if this is an option you are considering. You are also advised to consult the Independent Park Homes Advisory Service.