HousingCare brings you entertainers for every occasion

HousingCare’s Entertainers’ Directory busts into life this week after a complete makeover, and now features 800 Acts keen to perform in care homes, retirement complexes and day centres.

A key new feature of the Directory is that entertainers can now provide details of care homes and retirement housing complexes they have recently played for. (Day centres will be added shortly). So if you manage a care or housing facility and find an act you like the look of, you can contact other places they have performed and ask what their residents thought of the show.

If you have recently booked an Act that we don’t yet know about, and enjoyed their performance, please tell up about it!!

For entertainers themselves we hope the new information about where you’ve played will help bring you to the attention of more venues. Note too that we can now show multiple photos as well as videos on your page. So if you’d like to update your profile, just find your page and click the EMAIL UPDATE button at the bottom.

If you are an entertainer who isn’t featured in the HousingCare Entertainers’ Directory, you’re welcome to join. There is no charge, and all you need to do is click the SIGNUP HERE button that appears on every Directory page.

Visit the Entertainers’ Directory