HOOP tool makeover unveiled

This week sees the launch of an upgrade to EAC’s popular online HOOP tool. Drawing on extensive user testing and discussion, as well as input from our FirstStop partner organisations, the HOOP app has been tweaked in a number of small but important ways to provide:

  • Stronger visual prompts to guide users
  • Step by step help
  • Improved printouts
  • Explanation of the benefits of user registration

Perhaps more significant are two enhancements that strengthen the link between HOOP as a DIY tool and the advice and support resources offered by FirstStop:

‘HOOP Local’

We’re working with Northwards Housing and other partners in Manchester to create a local version of HOOP, and a prototype is already being tested.

We aim to pilot two more HOOP Locals over the coming weeks and would be pleased to hear from local I&A services that would like to work with us on these.

FirstStop Advice at your service

There is now much more encouragement for HOOP users who don’t find all the information they need when using the tool to contact FirstStop for help, further information or personal advice.

All they need do is submit their completed or part completed HOOP questionnaire to us and one of our Advisors will digest it, think about it, research if necessary and respond within 24 hours. By phone or email, depending on client preference.

We’re also keen to hear from any local partners who would like to share this response role with the FirstStop national team.