EAC recruiting for new ‘housing options’ advice service to older people

EAC is now recruiting in earnest for up to 3 Housing Options Advisors to deliver a new national advice service for older people and their families.

The service will cover the spectrum of housing options open to older people, with equal emphasis on ‘staying put’ and moving home. It will offer a combination of help to get the most out of our comprehensive HousingCare website and HOOP tool, and in-depth personal advice and guidance for those who look for this.

The people we aim to recruit will bring their extensive knowledge and experience into a service which aims for excellence, is independent and impartial, and is determined to fill the gap that now exists in advice that helps older people navigate an ever more complex world. The service will also address the financial challenges many older people face – whether in affording to ‘age proof’ their homes or pay for some daily help or support, or in evaluating the costs and benefits of the range of ‘retirement living’ options now available to them.

Our recruitment is targeted primarily at individuals, including those with experience of delivering housing options advice to older people but whose services have closed. But we are also keen to explore opportunities to work with another older people’s organisation in building this service – as we did in the years of FirstStop Advice.

Please click the link below for further information on the job role we are looking to fill – and feel welcome to email EAC’s CEO John Galvin (john.galvin@eac.org.uk) for an informal chat if you feel that you, or your organisation, could contribute towards achieving our ambitions.

To apply, please forward your CV plus 1 – 2 A4 pages (max) explaining why you would like to work for EAC in this role, and how your skills, experience and knowledge make you suitable for the job. 


EAC Recruitment Pack May 2021.pdf