EAC housing options service celebrates first 6 months

Our new service, EAC Advice, is just 6 months old and recorded its 1,500th enquiry this week. Please feel welcome to use the service yourself, or to alert family members, neighbours or clients to it.

EAC Advice

0800 377 7070

Email: enquiries@eac.org.uk

Calls may be recorded and monitored

EAC Advice is a ‘housing options’ advice service. It aims to help you think about your home, and how well it will suit you as you age. It provides information and guidance to help you ‘age proof’ your home, or to explore moving to somewhere more suitable – particularly to a retirement property or complex. It is free, independent and impartial.

It is provided by experienced Advisors who can offer information, discussion and guidance to help you think about:

Moving to retirement housing: Looking at the range of retirement and ‘extra care’ properties available locally, what each provides, who runs them, the tenures on offer, who is eligible, and what they cost.

Living safely and well where you are: Repairing or adapting your home, making it safe or more energy efficient, getting in help to manage it or to get out and socialise.

Affording what you decide to do: Comparing the costs of options you want to consider, and exploring how to make them affordable.

Our Advisors are: Moyra Riseborough, Cecilia Brodigan, Norman Shaw, Alex Billeter

Both EAC Advice and this website, HousingCare.org, are run by the charity EAC (Elderly Accommodation Counsel). We work in partnership with local charity Bassetlaw Action Centre to staff EAC Advice, and we are grateful to the OneFamily Foundation which is helping fund it during its first year.

Explore this website for information about your local:

Retirement and sheltered housing

Retirement villages

Home improvement and handyperson services