State Benefits

Every year in the United Kingdom over five billion pounds in benefit income goes unclaimed by older people.

State benefits

This quick guide identifies the main benefits that are available to older people and provides a brief explanation of the eligibility criteria for each and information on how to apply. This guide covers the following key benefits for older people: The State Pension Pension Credit Attendance Allowance Winter Fuel Payment State Pension Many people do […]


Other financial advise

Here FirstStop Advice has collated a number of areas where such advice might be sought and providing links to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) Website the ‘Money Advice Service’ Pensions and Annuities Money purchase pension options Lifetime annuities Savings & Investments New to Investments Types of Savings Products Savings Accounts Cash Individual Savings Account (ISA) […]


Help with the cost of moving

This quick guide helps to identify the various benefits and grants that may be available to those on a low income. Initially, you should always check you are getting all the benefits to which you are entitled. Your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Age UK should be able to help you with a benefits check. […]


Equity Release

What is equity release? Equity release can help homeowners over the age of 55 to unlock cash from their home, in either a lump sum or in smaller amounts over time, or both. You can use the cash released for anything that you wish. You’ll retain ownership of your home, and you can stay living […]


Funding home adaptations

From small changes to your home, such as grab rails, to major home improvements like the installation of a stairlift or fitting of a wetroom, there are many ways in which your house can be adapted to suit your current and future care needs. Depending on your need for equipment, adaptations and improvements you may […]



Questions to ask Are you claiming all you can from the State towards your care costs ? What are my best options for investing capital to meet my care costs ? Is the care home you are choosing affordable over the long-term ? Have you had an assessment of your care needs from the local […]


Paying for care in a care home

This quick guide aims to help understand what financial support might be available to help you cover the cost of care in a care home. Sources of funding for care in a care home usually come from three main sources: Your local authority/council The NHS You (self-funding) Assessing your care and support needs Before exploring […]


The local authority

If you have been assessed as needing care in your own home, the local authority will then make a financial assessment (means test) to decide whether you qualify for assistance with the cost. The financial assessment (means-test) Most councils charge for care that they provide or arrange. How much you pay depends on a means-test. […]


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