Housing Self Appraisal Tool

EAC offer a simple tool to help you assess your housing and care needs.

HOOP, housing options self appraisal tool

Our newly designed online tool uses a simple question & answer technique to help you think about different aspects of your home and how you live in it. It then suggests information and resources that might help you resolve any problems you identify. We call the tool ‘HOOP’ for short, standing for Housing Options for elderly people.

HOOP is easy to use, and you don’t need to finish the questionnaire to start getting results. It doesn’t try to persuade you that one course of action is better than another – for example, to move home rather than stay put and improve matters there. We recommend it as your first port of call on this site if you want to quietly explore solutions to aspects of your home life that are beginning to trouble you.

Often relatives or carers are involved, or concerned about how their parents or older relatives are managing. If so, you might find it helpful to use HOOP with them. Or you might prefer to use it alone and then discuss your conclusions with them.

A brand new feature HOOP online enables you, if you wish, to email your completed questionnaire to an EAC advisor, who will then telephone you to offer additional information or guidance. You can also download and fill in a printed copy of the HOOP questionnaire, and then post that to us.