About EAC

Elderly Accommodation Counsel

EAC is a charity, set up to help older and elderly people make informed choices about meeting their housing, support and care needs. It was founded in 1985.

Since our early days, we has striven to deliver a first class information and advice service directly to elderly people and their relatives and carers. At the same time we have worked to raise the awareness of other advisory agencies, professionals and policy makers of the importance people attach to information and advice which helps them make their own decisions about how and where to live in older age.

EAC, 3rd Floor, 89 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7TP.
Tel: 020 7820 3755
020 7820 3970

Services to the public

EAC provides a well-respected, comprehensive and free advice and information service to elderly people, their families and advisors. The service is underpinned by detailed information which EAC has compiled over many years, and is delivered by a small team of Advisors with long experience in our field. It is completely impartial and independent of any commercial influence.

The service is delivered in two main ways:

  • By telephone and mail
    Our national Advice Line, 0800 377 7070, handles enquiries from around 15,000 clients a year, and offers expertise, information and discussion.
  • Through this website
    This site now attracts around 10,000 users a day, most of whom find everything they need in its information pages, library and comprehensive accommodation databases. Some follow on with a call to our Advice Line to request clarification or discuss their options.

Underpinning our services

EAC’s information resources are the result of many years of investment. Most of these have been compiled in database format, of which the most important cover:

EAC has also invested in devising tools and techniques to help elderly people arrive at their own decisions about meeting their housing and care needs.

  • How well does your home suit you? Try our Housing Options for elderly people appraisal tool – often called HOOP. It helps people identify and prioritise any problems with their present living arrangements, and get hold of information about different ways of solving these.
  • For people considering moving to a care home, our Care Options Lifestyle Classification helps people understand the differences of style, day to day routines and culture that exist between care homes, and think about which kind of home will feel most like home to them.

Research services

EAC draws on its day to day contact with elderly people and their families, and its knowledge of the services available to them, to produce analyses and evidence useful to many organisations and agencies. See EAC services to providers for more information about our research, analyses and surveys, and for advertising and sponsorship opportunities with EAC.

We apologise for the frequent use throughout our website of unprofessional terms such as elderly care advice, retirement homes, elderly care homes and similar. A peppering of these is indispensable to help people find this website on the Internet.

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