Keith Slater

Audience participation, Dance, Music - Ballads, Music - Classical, Music - Country & Western, Music - Jazz, Music - Music Hall, Music - General /variety /sing along, Reminiscence, Variety Entertainment, Therapy.

Act Details

Name: Keith Slater
Type of act: Solo acts
Act contents: Audience participation | Dance | Music - Ballads | Music - Classical | Music - Country & Western | Music - Jazz | Music - Music Hall | Music - General /variety /sing along | Reminiscence | Variety Entertainment | Therapy
Equipment required: None
Performance length: Variable
Fee charged: from £55 (£51 - £75)
Locations: National service (England, Wales).
Booking notice: Varies
Days of week: All


None provided to EAC.

Contact Details
Keith Slater, 13 Arkle Close, Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire, WR9 7RL.

Where we’ve played for older people recently

Facility / Service Type Name Town Postcode
Care home Parklands Redditch B97 5PU
Care home with nursing Herondale Birmingham B9 5PU