Kath Reynolds

"Reminisce, Recall, Relive" is a series of interactive reminiscence sessions designed to stimulate discussion, and offer the opportunity to share experiences and recall treasured memories. Reaffirming and validating life experiences; these sessions bring back positive memories of the past and give residents an opportunity to bond and enjoy recalling common experiences. Reminiscence provides the vital link between a person's past, present and future whilst encouraging socialising to develop new relationships and sometimes changing the nature of existing relationships. It builds self worth and establishes a sense of identity whilst also preserving elements of our common cultural heritage. Participating in reminiscence is an enjoyable experience and can give older people a renewed sense of purpose.

About Kath Reynolds

I worked for many years for Staffordshire and then Stoke-on-Trent Libraries delivering services to the wider community and focusing on outreach and development work. I moved on from Libraries to manage the Adult and Community Learning Service within Stoke. My library role allowed me the opportunity to develop my passion for reminiscence work both in terms of delivering sessions and training others. Together with a colleague from Museums, I wrote an OCN accredited course "Delivering Reminiscence". This course was very successful and was delivered by myself for more than six years.

I have been actively involved in reminiscence work for more than twenty years and have delivered dozens of reminiscence sessions in residential and care settings. I am able to adapt the style of delivery to suit most groups. I have also reminisced with WIs, Garden Guilds, Ladies Circles, Faith groups, Rotary Clubs, etc. I am keenly interested in people; their lives and their communities - my sessions reflect a great many years of collecting stories, memories and musings from the people of Staffordshire and the surrounding area. The confidentiality of my "reminiscers" is always protected.

I have recently published a collection of reminiscences from my favourite talk "Goose Grease and Brown Paper" which is entitled "Kitchen Cupboard Cures of Staffordshire

Dollytubs and Flat Irons  

Interactive reminiscence session on the theme of doing the washing. Take a step back in time and recall the sweat (and tears) of washdays in the early-mid 20th Century. We will look at the copper boiler, dolly tub and the glorious twin tub! Experience the aromas and feel of washday.

Group discussion supported with a Powerpoint presentation. Approx 50mins in duration.

 Famous Folk of Stoke 

A  whistle-stop celebration of the great sons and daughters of the Stoke-on-Trent area and the contributions they have made to  local, regional, national and international history. We will look at the famous potters, entertainers, sports stars and those folk who intrigue and inspire us. Lots of opportunities to share memories and stories.

Two Powerpoint sessions approx 45 mins each. Can combine any two of the following four sessions:

General - includes Capt Smith, Arnold Bennett, Dot Griffths, Molly Leigh....

Potters - includes Josiah Wedgwood, Josiah Spode, Clarice Cliff, Emma Bridgewater....

Entertainers - includes Gertie Gitana, Sam Plank, David Parton, Robbie Williams....

Sports Stars - includes Sir Stan, Roy Sproston, Ray Reardon, Phil "The Power" Taylor....

 Food Glorious Food  

An interactive discussion with Powerpoint presentation looking at the advent of and impact of convenience foods in our diet. From fish fingers to angel delight, Camp coffee to chianti in a basket, spam to salmon paste - all the things we have loved... and some of those we have hated! Opportunities to handle packaging and sample a sweetie or two

Approx one hour.

 Goose Grease and Brown Paper 

Can we afford the doctor? Of course not!  A trip down memory lane to pre-NHS days and the kitchen cupboard remedies inflicted by our nearest and dearest! Honey, salt, onions, mustard...not to forget the snails, urine, string and cow muck!  Two sessions of 45 mins each.

Session One - looking at our proverbs and sayings and the community healthcare of the past.

Session Two - curing a few common ailments with our kitchen cupboard remedies.

 Gymslips and Chalkboards 

An interactive schooldays reminiscence session recalling the highlights of the "best days of our lives" - uniforms, books and poems, school milk, discipline, times tables, inkwells!

Group discussion with Powerpoint presentation and some handwriting practice.

Approx one hour.

 Make do and Mend

Recall the wartime ways of ensuring families were fed and clothed in times of shortage. Look at daily rations and how people eked them out. Share some favourite recipes. Were you a second hand Rose? Were your shoes "cobbled" with cardboard? Were you a clippie mat (rag rug) queen?

Interactive session lasting approximately 40-60 minutes

 On the Playground

Recall and relive some of the favourite games and activities of the playground....hopscotch, leap frog and hide and seek. Join in skipping and hand clapping games and rhymes, show off your yoyo and diabolo skills, make a pompom or "grow" the corkwool.

Interactive, hands on session - lasts up to one hour...or longer if the pompom making gets serious!

 People's War

Home front style reminiscences of the Second World War. How did people at home manage? How were lives effected?

Don't forget your gas mask!

Sharing stories of wartime experiences prompted by many stories already collected by Kath over the last 15 years. Session lasts 40-60 minutes


Look at wedding traditions and recall the best day of your life - flowers, dresses, speeches...

Recall some of the weddings of the rich and famous.

Interactive discussion session  with Powerpoint, lasts approximately 45 minutes.


Act Details

Name: Kath Reynolds
Type of act: Solo acts
Act contents: Reminiscence
Equipment required: Table Projector screen if available
Performance length: approx one hour
Fee charged: £40 + expenses (£31 - £50)
Locations: Local service (East Staffordshire, Lichfield, South Staffordshire, Stafford, Staffordshire Moorlands, Stoke-on-Trent, Tamworth, Cannock Chase, Newcastle-under-Lyme).
Booking notice: n/a
Days of week: any


None provided to EAC.

Contact Details
Kath Reynolds, Upper Tean.

Where we’ve played for older people recently

Facility / Service Type Name Town Postcode
Extra care housing Berryhill Village Stoke-on-Trent ST2 9RJ
Extra care housing Camoys Court Stoke-on-Trent ST6 2HF
Care home St Mary's Mount Uttoxeter ST14 7DX
Care home with nursing Charlotte James Nursing Home Burton-on-Trent DE14 2BB
Care home with nursing Treetops Court Care Home Leek ST13 8XP
Care home The Old Vicarage Residential Home Stoke-on-Trent ST10 4LE