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What does it do?

Technology Enabled Care will support you in your own home and out and about, giving you reassurance and indpendence to live your life, you way.

How does our monitored home alarm work?

We offer a range of solutions to meet customers needs and these range from a monitored home alarms and pendants to GPS digital devices.

For solutions around the home, you can feel reassured that help can be called at the touch of a button or from one of our automatic sensors which include monitored smoke detectors, CO detectors, flood detector and many more.  All calls are linked to our 24 hour monitoring partner who will talk to you, reassure you and get the help you need.  

Our wearable pendants and watch communicates with the base unit wirelessly by radio signals.  Base units have a speaker and a microphone inside them so you can speak to our monitoring centre. 

We also offer GPS (Global Positioning System) devices which means you can go out and about and know that in the event of an emergency we will find you using the GPS locating device.  The GPS watch has two way communication so you can feel reassurance that someone can talk to you all the time and this can be family members or the operator at the monitoring centre.

Who it is for?

Technology enabled care is for anyone at any age.  We have solutions to meet the needs of our customers offering reassurance to live your life, your way and in your own home.
We have many packages including our Connected Living - At Home package with includes a monitored home alarm and pendant.  If you are returning home from hospital you can apply for our Connected Living - Return Home package where you will receive FREE installation and one month FREE service so you can concentrate on getting bettter.  
We also provide solutions for domestic abuse situations where our equipment is silent running and discrete, we have solutions for all ages and for all needs.

Where it is available?

National service (England).

What it costs:

Connected Living - At Home is £15.50 per month (vat applies if applicable) Plus a one off installation or postage charge.

How to access or apply for it:

To find out about the benefits of the technology enable care solutions we can provide, call us on 0333 400 8299 or email: or visit our website:">Connected Living | Aster Group

What to expect then:

Our dedicated team are here to help you with your enquiries.  By using our solutions, you, your family and friends can feel reassured that should you need help, it is there at a touch of a button.  Some of our sensors are automatic, like our falls detector so should you have a fall, the sensor will make an automatic call to our 24 hour monitoring centre who will call for help.  Please note:  some type of falls may not always be detected by the sensor so they have an emergency button as a back up just in case.

Additional information:

Why choose Connected Living?

  • We are accredited and audited by the Telcare Services Association (TSA) so we are service provider you can trust.
  • We have over 50 years’ experience, helping thousands of people feel safe.
  • We offer free, no obligation demonstrations to suit you, in your own home and with your family or friends.
  • We have local, assessor trained technicians
  • We carry out free annual service checks, free maintenance and repairs
  • We offer Direct Debit payments
  • We use the latest technology through a choice of suppliers
  • If within our visiting area, our technicians will visit you, if outside our area, we offer a postal service
  • Unlike other providers, we don’t require you to have a keyholder, however you will need to have a keysafe.  We can provide Police Approved keysafes - please see our websitre for mone information or give us a call.


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