Rob Doherty

I am a Singer/Songwriter who has been performing a set of swing music by artists such as Frank Sinatra, Michael Buble, Harry Conick Jr. My performance is filled with banter and a lot of laughs to make people feel good and smile. I take it seriously but also make sure it's not too serious so people can really enjoy themselves and go away with stories to tell.

Act Details

Name: Rob Doherty
Type of act: Solo acts
Act contents: Music - Ballads | Music - General /variety /sing along | Music - Jazz
Equipment required:
Performance length: 1 hour (Longer set to be added)
Fee charged: £60-£80 (£51 - £75)
Locations: Local service (Leeds).
Booking notice: 2 weeks
Days of week: Monday Tuesday
Contact Details
Rob Doherty, Leeds.

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