Home Visiting Optician

Free NHS Home Visiting Optician-Large range of NHS funded frames

What does it do?

Provide complete home eye care services including eye examinations, dispensing and fitting of spectacles, low visual aid & lighting advice. Referrals and liason with other family members and health care professionals is also offered.

Who it is for?

Those over 60 Who are unable to get to a high street optician on their own due to illness or disability.

Where it is available?

Regional service (East Sussex, West Sussex).

What it costs:

The examination is free of charge for qualifying clients as it receives NHS funding. A large range of NHS funded frames is available for those that qualify, private spectacles start at £49.00

How to access or apply for it:

Call our Free Phone number 0800-3457509 or email Optician@eyesathome.co.uk

What to expect then:

A call back within 24 hours from our Optician offering convenient dates for the consultation to take place. A confirmation letter will be received shortly after.

Additional information:

Free NHS Home Visiting Optician-Large range of private & NHS funded frames, includes delivery and professional fitting


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