Home from Hospital

home from hospital support for people in Somerset and Swindon

What does it do?

Home from Hospital

We understand that things can be hard work when you've just come out of hospital. Just getting home can be a challenge.
Too many people stay in hospital longer than they need to, just because they haven't got the right care and support at home. 
Home from Hospital provides short term, practical help while you recover.
We operate schemes in Somerset and Wiltshire but, as yet, unfortunately not everywhere in the counties.

Who it is for?

For people coming out of hospital who need some support.

Where it is available?

Regional service (Somerset, Wiltshire).

What it costs:

In some areas we get money from health authorities or the local council to provide this service for free, in other areas there is a charge.

How to access or apply for it:

Get more information at http://www.asterliving.co.uk/services/home-from-hospital/

Just talk to us to find out how we can help:

Call : 0333 400 8299
Email : info@asterliving.co.uk 


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