Somerset Village Agents

Advice information and suport for people in rural areas of Somerset

What does it do?

Our Work - Somerset Village Agents
Village Agents are local people employed on a part-time basis to become trusted members of their communities and a valuable resource. They network extensively with Parish Councillors, Police Community Support Officers, social group organisers, transport providers, church groups, youth workers and others within their community. They receive ‘referrals’ from agencies and members of the community about people needing information or support.
Village Agents make home visits when necessary and provide high-quality information. They enable direct access to a wide range of services and use a secure electronic referral system. They may informally carry out a series of practical checks related to safety in the home (e.g. smoke alarms, falls prevention), benefit entitlement and energy efficiency. Visits are followed up when necessary by experts who will provide specialist information, advice and services, e.g. the fire service and social care. Village Agents identify unmet needs within their community and respond by initiating and supporting new social and healthy activities.


  • To build a trusted relationship within a community particularly with those who are vulnerable to help improve their quality of life by helping them to feel more secure, more cared for and more informed and empowered.
  • To help people to have easy access to a wide range of information that will enable them to make informed decisions about their own well-being.
  • To identify gaps in service and feed back this information in order to influence future service provision.
  • To support a community to respond to an identified need where appropriate. This may include using the skills of CCS colleagues.

Who it is for?

People in rural areas of Somerset

Where it is available?

Local service (Mendip, South Somerset, Taunton Deane, West Somerset, Bath & North East Somerset, Bristol, North Somerset, Sedgemoor).

What it costs:

The service is free of charge

How to access or apply for it:

Who are your village agents?

In South Somerset:

Serving Corton Denham, Marston Magna, Mudford, Queen Camel and Rimpton:
Andrea de Berker
Telephone: 07852 961839

Serving Chilthorne Domer, Montacute, Norton sub Hamdon, Odcombe, Stoke sub Hamdon and Tintinhull:
Sarah Hunt
Telephone: 07968 521746

In Taunton Deane/Sedgemoor:Serving Burrowbridge, Durston, Lyng, North Curry, Othery and Stoke St Gregory:
Val Hunt
Telephone: 07970 935756

Serving Creech St Michael, Ruishton, Thornfalcon and West Monkton:
Carol Parker
Telephone: 07870 577925

In Mendip:Serving Binegar, Chewton Mendip, Emborough, Litton, Priddy, Rodney Stoke and Ston Easton:
Jacky Smith
Telephone: 07950 782436

Serving Godney, Meare, Sharpham and Wookey:
Diana Romrig
Telephone: 07950 783069


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