What does it do?

Mindme Locate is a small GPS locating device which reports its location every 4 minutes.  Carers can look up on Mindme's website the wearers location or can call Mindme's 24/7 Resonse Centre to get a location

Who it is for?

Mindme gives peace of mind to carers of dementia sufferers.  Mindme give people who suffer from dementia and who might wander freedom which otherwise they might not enjoy.

Where it is available?

National service (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales).

What it costs:

Mindme Locate costs £99.75.  A soft leather pouch costs £10 and there is a one-off charge for setting up the customer on the system

The Subscription which covers a SIM card (of your choice), use of the web whenever you want and use of the 24/7 Response Centre costs £12.50 per month payable quarterly in advance.

None of the abive costs include VAT but people with dementia can claim VAT exemption

There is no minimum subscription period. 

How to access or apply for it:

You can purchase Mindme Locate on line or you call the company to discuss your requirements

What to expect then:

Go to Mindme's website www.mindme.co.uk and read all about the product. 

Additional information:

If Mindme Locate isn't suitable then you have 28 days to return it and, so long as it's undamaged and not marked you will receive a full refund.  Don;t worry about trying to think of a reason for returning it; you wont be asked!


Info last updated:

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