Age Content - Respond:24

What does it do?

The service brings the "assisted living" concept to our customer's own home at an affordable price.

  • Panic Alarm with 24/7 mobile response
  • Concierge help-desk with access to vetted and approved services
  • Tele-care and call-ins
  • Visiting services to suit the customer

RESPOND:24 is an innovative home support service offering our customers access to a range of services via a simple telephone call or a personal distress alarm. We visit customers to check on their wellbeing, solve problems and offer support. Our support team can help deal with rogue tradespeople, co-ordinate domestic services and deliveries, or just be there for a reassuring chat.

When a customer’s personal alarm is activated, the response team will immediately attend the customer’s home address to assess and resolve the situation. Giving families complete peace of mind that someone is always on call and able to help.

RESPOND:24 is designed to be used by both elderly relatives and the families who support them. Our services allow the elderly to call for help without the worry of ‘being a burden’, and for their families we help reduce the need for long journeys and lost time. RESPOND:24 can also be put in place to cover family holidays or business trips.

Who it is for?

  1. The independent person living at home who requires peace-of-mind that help is available when required.
  2. The care dependent person who requires extra cover when their carer is not present.
  3. Families who are unable to fully support their elderly relatives every hour of every day and require some practical support.

Where it is available?

Regional service (Berkshire, Oxfordshire).

What it costs:

  1. Pay as you use - With our pay-as-you-use option there is no long-term commitment and you only pay for services when you use them. Simply purchase credits and use them on the services you need, and top-up again when required. A service charge of 6 credits per week applies (equivalent to £6 or less), and an initial min 200 credit purchase costing £200 or less.
  2. Pay monthly - from £35 per month

All prices include VAT

How to access or apply for it:

Call us on 0843 289 6070 or email us at

What to expect then:

A free, no obligation consultation.
Services can be set-up in less that 48hrs.


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