Reminiscence East

What does it do?

Reminiscence Services for NORFOLK and SUFFOLK

Reminiscing is a process of remembering past events and memories and sharing them with others. Reminiscence is a guided process used by trained reminiscence workers who will bring a range of multi-sensory 'triggers' (nostalgic items) to stimulate the memories of older people. Using smells, tastes, touch, sound and movement, as well as looking at objects or pictures, produces stronger memories.

Reminiscence is particularly useful for older people with dementia because it focuses on long term memory recall; it is a confidence building and empowering activity.

Reminiscence East can run over 30 different reminiscence sessions for your group on a range of different subjects, bringing along a wide selection of nostalgic items and memorabilia from the past.

Reminiscence sessions include: Remembering the 30's, 40's, 50's, Schooldays, Growing and Cooking, Celebrations, Transport, Music and Entertainment, Hobbies, Washing and Cleaning, Seaside Memories.

The sessions will be run by a qualified and experienced Reminiscence Worker holding a Level 3 Certificate in Reminiscence as well as N.A.P.A.'s 'Provision of Activities in a Care Setting' qualification.

Who it is for?

It is important that older people have regular access to meaningful, appropriate and stimulating activities.

Reminiscence East delivers reminiscence and creative activities services, mainly in Norfolk (Broads, Norwich and Great Yarmouth areas and Suffolk Borders).

Reminiscence East is a reminiscence and activities service for people living in care homes, attending day centres, friendship clubs or for groups meeting in village halls/church rooms such as The Women's Institute.

Where it is available?

Regional service (Norfolk, Suffolk).

What it costs:

Group rates start from £25 for a 1 hour session but travel costs will be added to this.

How to access or apply for it:

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