Haringey Reach and Connect

Supporting older people in Haringey

What does it do?

What we do

We provide information, guidance and support to enable local people to build skills, friendship, networks and confidence to achieve their goals.

We help local people over 50 to:

  • make life better
  • meet new people or reconnect with their community
  • build skills and confidence
  • live independently and safely in their own homes
  • find places to go and things to do

People who are in need or support or friendship can refer themselves directly to us. Our offer won't be right for everyone, but if it's not we'll ensure that the right kind of support is found. We also accept referrals from local organisations, groups, family and friends. 

Reach and Connect is delivered by eight 'Community Connectors' from a range of community settings in Haringey. Our eight Community Connectors work across the north, south, east and west of Haringey and cover all the wards.

Who it is for?

Haringey Reach and Connect is a support service available to all Haringey residents who are aged 50+, in person, by e-mail and telephone.

Where it is available?

Local service (Haringey).


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