Foot Health Care

Toe nail cutting, corn, callus, hard skin treatment Solihull & Birmi

What does it do?

Routine nail cutting and filing
Hard skin, corn, callus removal
Manicure and pedicure
Fungal and thickening nails reduced
Ingrown nails
Split nails

Who it is for?

People who need toe nail cutting, hard skin, callus removal.  

Where it is available?

Local service serving within 30km of B928SJ.

What it costs:

£25 for nail cut and file
£28 includes corn and callus/hard skin removal
£25 Manicure or pedicure

How to access or apply for it:


What to expect then:

A phone call to discuss appointment and have a assessment at the appointment to treat and ensure continued health and wellness of their feet. 

Additional information:

Treatment plan and advice given at appointment


Info last updated:

Fir tree farm drive, Birmingham, B33 9FD