Long Term Health Condition service

Health & Well-being workshops for long term health conditions

What does it do?

Our workshops also allow people to share their own experiences in complete confidence with others and act more as a peer support group as well as being educational and fun.

Who it is for?

There are a number of free services that operate under Bromley Well, although the long term health condition service concentrates on people living with a long term health condition.

Our service gives one to one support via our lifestyle support workers which can be either over the phone or in person and assists with positive lifestyle changes which could be implemented to assist in improving the health and well-being of the individual.

As well as emotional support and health advice, our lifestyle support workers also run self-management workshops to help participants manage their own health condition and as a consequence spend less time either in GP surgeries or hospitals.

Some of the subjects we cover are:

  • The importance of mindful quality sleep
  • Pain management
  • Physical activity
  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Managing medication and medication adherence
  • And many more…

Where it is available?

Local service (Bromley).

What it costs:

This is a completely free service. 

How to access or apply for it:

We deliver health & well-being workshops across the Bromley Borough for Bromley residents. Therefore, we are happy to deliver our health & well-being programmes within your facilities.

Please contact me on the contact details above and arrange for a meeting with your potential group of residents and then we can organise the workshops going forward. 

What to expect then:

Applicants should expect a friendly service that gives 1-2-1 support for people who are living with a long term health condition.

Also the workshops follow the same ethos and allow participants to feel comfortable to share their own experiences as well as learn about new information regarding health & well-being. The workshops are friendly and fun and also relaxed. 

Additional information:

Course overview:

Week 1 Good Health & Self-Care
- Learn about Bromley Well and how we can support you.
- Understand what good health means to you.
- Know how to adopt healthy habits.

Week 2 Eating Well
- Know the latest, research based recommendations for healthy eating.
- Understand the importance of eating well for our bodies & our minds.
- Get tips for weight management.

Week 3 Physical Activity
- Learn why physical activity is, “The Wonder Drug”.
- Identify simple, effective ways to build physical activity into your life.

Week 4 Sleep & Mindfulness
- Learn how sleep benefits our bodies and our minds and get tips on getting a good night’s sleep.
- Learn how mindfulness can help us manage stress and experience a mindfulness exercise.

Week 5 Pain Management
Understand the pain cycle and how pain impacts on your life.
- Learn techniques and strategies to help you manage your pain.
- Know where to go for further support.

Week 6 A brief introduction to CBT
- Learn about the theory of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).
- Understand how CBT strategies and techniques can help us manage stress.
- Learn a CBT technique to help us manage our well being.

Week 7 Ensuring good medical care
- Understand medication adherence and why it is important for our health.
- Learn how to communicate effectively with healthcare professionals.

Week 8 Planning for the future
- Think about what self-care changes you would like to make.
- Know how to set achievable goals to help you make those changes.
- Learn how Bromley Well can support you.


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