Counselling and Bereavement Services

What does it do?

Different, difficult issues may need to be talked over and sorted out in order to live life to the full in a greatly changed situation. Sometimes, whilst family and friends may be close and supportive, an individual may not wish to burden them with exactly how they are feeling. For others, it may feel that there is no-one to talk to. Or, having another person present may be helpful when difficult things need to be said.
St Peter & St James Counsellors are available to listen and talk through any issues and concerns patients and their loved ones have and may choose to share.

Who it is for?

Everybody deals with bereavement differently and at St Peter & St James we aim to continue to support the families and friends of our patients for as long as is needed following the death of their loved one.

Where it is available?

Regional service (East Sussex, West Sussex).

What it costs:

Yes - All of our Hospice services are free of charge to all patients and their families.

How to access or apply for it:

St Peter & St James Hospice & Continuing Care Centre
North Common Road
North Chailey
East Sussex
Main switchboard: 01444 471598

24 hours - for all enquiries including out of hours emergencies
Patients' telephone: 01444 471599
Fax: 01444 471088
Send us an email

What to expect then:

The first meeting with a bereavement visitor is an opportunity to talk through the things that people are finding more difficult and to decide if further meetings would be beneficial. Meetings take place wherever feels most comfortable and where privacy can be ensured. They usually last 50 minutes and are usually weekly. A date is always agreed to review how things are working out although there is not a limit on the number of sessions available when there are outstanding issues to work through.


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