Help At Home

Help at Home, Respite Care, Dementia, Cleaning, Shopping

What does it do?

We offer the following services:
· Shopping / online shopping

· Collection of prescriptions

· Paying bills

· Housework and laundry

· Computer lessons

· Assistance in dealing with official documents/mail

· Companionship service

· Looking after your home whilst you are away*

*Did you know that if you leave your home unoccupied for more than 60 days in a
row you will not be covered  for theft and attempted theft under your home insurance policy?

**Did you know that daily deliveries of mail, newspapers or flyers built up
while you are away is most likely to attract burglaries?

***We will make your home look occupied and make it difficult to break

Who it is for?

We offer a person-centred service that meets individual needs, improves wellbeing and promotes independent living to people aged 55 and above living in Waltham Forest, Redbridge and Epping Forest.

Where it is available?

Regional service (Essex, Greater London).

What it costs:

Services are delivered on contract through the charging of fees. The fee we charge is £10.00 for the initial visit which is required to establish the services they need and £15.00 hourly rate for the service thereafter.

How to access or apply for it:

Contact us on 07748 169518 to book a visit or request an application pack

Email us at

What to expect then:

Once we receive your request form we will contact you within 3 working days to book the initial visit.


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