HOOP in Manchester

An interactive online tool to assess your housing options

What does it do?

'HOOP' is an online questionnaire designed to help older people think about their home, how well it works for them, how to tackle any problems and whether also to consider moving home.

Suggestions are made automatically in response to any concerns HOOP users identify. If these aren't enough, users can submit their questionnaire to EAC and ask for further suggestions and/or a discussion with an EAC FirstStop Advisor.

Who it is for?

Older people, their carers, friends and family, and all adults who are thinking about their future housing and care options.

Where it is available?

Local service (Manchester).

What it costs:

Totally free

How to access or apply for it:

Immediately accessible at http://hoop.eac.org.uk

What to expect then:

Our questionnaire will help you think about different aspects of your home and how you live in it. You can either pick topics from a list, or let us guide you through the whole questionnaire. Once you're done, we will suggest ways of tackling any concerns you have identified.


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