Beacon (NHS continuing healthcare advocacy)

Leading you through the maze of continuing healthcare

What does it do?

Provides in-depth specialist advice, advocacy and case management for people at any stage of the NHS continuing healthcare assessment, appeal or care planning processes. We aim to ensure that people who may be entitled to NHS funding are assessed accurately and in detail, maximising their chances of success.

Beacon is working in partnership with NHS England to pilot a new specialist service for people in England who need independent advice and support in relation to NHS Continuing Healthcare. Under the pilot members of the public are able to access free and comprehensive information and advice to help them to understand the eligibility criteria and navigate the assessment and review processes.
Information and advice is accessible in the form of free and comprehensive written guidance, and individuals are also able to access up to 90 minutes of free advice with a trained NHS continuing healthcare adviser.
During advice surgeries, individuals will have an opportunity to discuss any element of their assessment or appeal within the scope of the National Framework for NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded Nursing Care (National Framework) and Beacon’s written guidance with their adviser, as well as general information about eligibility criteria. 

Who it is for?

Individuals over the age of 18 or their representatives (such as family members) who have questions about the long-term
care funding system, are preparing for a continuing healthcare assessment or wish to challenge a continuing healthcare decision.

Where it is available?

National service (England, Wales).

What it costs:

Please see the attached document entitled ‘How Beacon Can Help You’ for a list of our casework services and pricing. Our free offer includes access the comprehensive guidance in our Navigational Toolkit, and we also offer a free 15 minute advice surgery.

How to access or apply for it:

Please visit our website (, call our helpline (0345 548 0300) or contact us on twitter (@beaconchc)

What to expect then:

Response within 24 hrs, identification of the problem and advice provided via telephone as to which of our services may be of benefit, with free written information provided to all.

Additional information:

Please see attached documentation. Note we are a social enterprise with a 10-year history of providing advice and advocacy services in this area. Prices are two-thirds cheaper than most private firms and profits go to charity.

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