Befriending Service

Befriending & Respite Service in Torfaen area

What does it do?

  • We provide a professional befriending service to those who feel lonely or isolated. Perhaps someone has recently been bereaved, and in these situations, we can provide emotional support through listening.
  • For those who may have a care package that is coming to an end, but still want someone to visit them on a regular basis, to prevent them from becoming lonely.
  • We can help with dealing with correspondence on an ad hoc basis when neded.
  • We aim to give the families of those we befriend peace of mind knowing that when they are at work, or on holiday that their loved ones are still having someone visiting them to monitor their health and well being.
  • We also provide a respite sitting service to give families a break from caring, so that they can attend appointments themselves, or spend some quality time with family and friends, knowing that their loved one is being left with someone able to provide companionship.  We do not provide any personal care.  
  • We can undertake respite sits for 2, 3 or 4 hours.  Please contact us for details of what we can provide during these times.  

Who it is for?

Any adult living in or close to the borough of Torfaen

Where it is available?

Regional service (Torfaen, Caerphilly, Newport).

What it costs:

  • For a daily well being phone call Monday to Friday £12 a week
  • For a 30 minute visit £10
  • For an hourly visit £15
  • Respite sits are for 2 hours £25, for 3 hours £40 and for 4 hours £55

How to access or apply for it:

  • Phone the office telephone number between 9 - 5 Monday to Friday on 07581808205
  • E-mail
  • Visit the website at and access a referral form and other information about us

What to expect then:

  • As soon as we receive a referral, we will contact you by phone, and make arrangements to come and see you in your home at a time and date convenient to yourself, and go through our terms and conditions.  If you are happy, we will then agree a time and date for your befriender to commence visiting you.
  • If you are interested in arranging a respite sit, we can discuss what services we can provide at the initial meeting. If we are able to provide what you want, then we can arrange a time and date for commencement of this service.

Additional information:

  • We cannot provide personal care.
  • We can prompt the taking of medication, but do not handle or administer medication.
  • If you wish your befriender to take you out (available to those having the respite service), mileage will need to be paid for at a cost of 45p a mile.
  • We are able to prepare a light snack for those having the respite service. (You must provide the food to be prepared for the snack).  Your befriender will provide her own meal.
  • If you are having the 30 minute or 1 hour regular visits by a befriender, and you wish to go for short walks with your befriender, there is no extra charge for this. We also include light domestic duties for those having an hours befriending service if they wish.

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