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North Warwickshire Borough Council

Borough Care - (Telecare)

National service

Equipment is provided to support the individual in their home and tailored to meet their needs. It can be as simple as the basic community alarm service, able to respond in an emergency and provide regular contact by tel...

Contact: North Warwickshire Borough Council, , South Street, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 1DE.

BoroughCare 24 hour Community Alarm

National service

An emergency alarm unit and personal trigger that connects to an existing telephone. All you have to do is press a button either on the unit, or on a trigger which can be worn around the neck or in some cases on the wri...

Contact: BoroughCare 24 hour Community Alarm Service , , P.O Box 6, The Council House, South Street, Atherstone, CV9 1DE.

Concessionary Decorating Service

National service

If you are a council tenant of North Warwickshire Borough Council we can help you to decorate two rooms in your house every seven years.

Contact: Housing Services For Older People North warwickshire, .

Homes North Warwickshire

National service

Most local councils and housing associations let their properties through a central system known as choice-based lettings.  Once you have completed your application for housing, you will be given a priority rating ...

Contact: Homes North Warwickshire, .
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