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Barefoot Wellness

Foot Care


Toenail trimming / thinning,   fungal nails,  in growing toe nails, hard skin removal / management, corns, verrucas

Contact: Mobile footcare, 134 Speedwell Road, colchester, Colchester, Essex, CO28dDW.
Footcare 2u

Mobile foot care.


All foot care undertaken in the comfort of your own home. Toe nail cutting, corn and callus reduction, ingrowing toe nails, thick and fungal nails, verruca's, diabetic feet.  I have worked with the elderly for many...

Contact: Footcare 2u, 17 Exeter Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP3 8JL.
Kwan Foot Care

Mobile foot care services i


Nail cutting OAP foot problems Cracked heels Hard skin reduction Fungal Nail Corn Callus reduction Verruca treatment Ingrowing Toenails Pampering foot spa treatments

Contact: Kwan Foot Care, 26 Balmoral Close, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP2 9EJ.
Newmans Foot Health

Foot Care


Foot Care for : ▪️Corns  ▪️Callus (Thick Skin)  ▪️Fungal & Thick Nails ▪️Cracked Heels ▪️Verrucas ▪️Diabetic Foot ▪️Athletes Foot ▪️Ingrown Toenails  ▪️Foot After...

Contact: Foot Care.
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