Relaxing meditation with NLP, CBT and FENG SHUI

This type of Meditation is more than just a positive, relaxing activity but also a gentle therapy which can be enjoyed, appreciated and helpful to people in all stages of life. I use techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Feng shui. It can be one to one or groups of 8. The participants Will learn how to use tools like breathing exercise, music, colours chakras, anchoring, metaphors, Positive thinking and other techniques to chill out, relax, find inner space to deal And manage with own issues.

Act Details

Name: Relaxing meditation with NLP, CBT and FENG SHUI
Type of act: Solo acts
Act contents: Therapy
Equipment required: A quiet room, confortable chairs and WiFi access for the music
Performance length: 60-85 minutes
Fee charged: £32 (£31 - £50)
Locations: Local service serving within 25km of BH105JR.
Booking notice: 3 hours
Days of week: Thursdays and Fridays


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Contact Details
Nathalie Leterrier, 24 Highlands crescent, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH10 5JR.

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