Nirzari are an American Tribal Style® bellydance troupe. This dance style is very unique in that it is both synchronised and improvised. It takes movement and beautiful costuming from many different cultures and countries and can be spellbinding to watch. Dancers can perform in both slow and fast tempos and also play finger cymbals. Nirzari can provides talks and performances in this style.

Act Details

Name: Nirzari
Type of act: Group acts
Act contents: Dance | Talks /workshops /story telling
Equipment required:
Performance length: 3-20 mins
Fee charged: £70+ (£76 - £100)
Locations: Regional service (Berkshire, Hampshire, Surrey).
Booking notice: 4 weeks
Days of week: Any


None provided to EAC.

Contact Details
Nirzari, Farnborough.

Where we’ve played for older people recently

Facility / Service Type Name Town Postcode
Care home Abbeywood Aldershot GU12 5AX