Mrs Lees and Her Ladies drama

FILM SHOWING 50 mins Mrs. Lees and her Ladies is a comedic and poignant snapshot of a week in the life of an elderly woman with home care, trying to hold on to the little independence she has left, despite the myriad of carers who punctuate her week. She may be incapacitated but as she suffers the increasing indignities served upon her by hapless carers, her feisty spirit rises to the challenge to deliver her own special brand of payback.   This is a must-see for anyone who cares for someone, is in care, considering care, or knows someone in receipt of care! This is a film showing delivered with tea and cake and we encourage recipients to invite family and friends to join them - bring yer daughters and sons, yer mammy, and yer mammys mammy! and yer mammys mammys mammy!

Act Details

Name: Mrs Lees and Her Ladies drama
Type of act: Entertainment agencies
Act contents: Variety Entertainment
Equipment required: projector or large screen television for dvd and tea making facility
Performance length: 50 mins
Fee charged: £100 + negotiable (Over £100)
Locations: National service (Scotland).
Booking notice: two weeks but negotiable
Days of week: any and weekends


None provided to EAC.

Contact Details
Shuga Koated Productions, East Kilbride.

Where we’ve played for older people recently

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