Kiddleydivey - Therapeutic Music Sessions

A therapeutic music session focuses on testing and improving a person’s motor skills, mobility, coordination, sensory skills and memory. We use a dazzling array of props that include feathers, pompoms, hoops, hats, scarves, bubble machine, crystal light, percussion instruments, photographs and more, to generate interest and keep the residents engaged and active throughout each session. We also encourage exercise and lots of dancing. If anybody is unable to get to their feet, then we encourage dancing in the armchair so that nobody is left out. Conversation and lots & lots of fun and laughter are had by all, including the staff.
Our aim is to improve, or help rediscover the mobility of the body and ability to exercise the mind through thought provoking questions and quizzes. Studies have found that music alone can improve management of pain and discomfort. Our armchair exercises have been carefully designed to mimic everyday tasks such as putting on a cardigan, as well as gently exercising those tired muscles. Singing songs, questions around music and photographs are used to stimulate memory. Percussion instruments encourage mobility skills and coordination. We have over 20 themed sets that have been carefully developed to stimulate through changing rhythmic patterns, generate interest concerning the theme and of course to promote conversation. All of this can lead to positive changes in mood and emotional state. 
Kiddleydivey have been established for over 23 years.
All sessions have been written and developed by a qualified Music Therapist and a Doctor of Musicology.

Act Details

Name: Kiddleydivey - Therapeutic Music Sessions
Type of act: Solo acts
Act contents: Audience participation | Music - General /variety /sing along | Reminiscence | Therapy
Equipment required: All equipment supplied by Kiddleydivey
Performance length: Each session lasts 45 minutes
Fee charged: £75 (£51 - £75)
Locations: Regional service (Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Suffolk).
Booking notice: Booking based on availability
Days of week: Monday to Friday


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Contact Details
Andrew Barrett, Lakenheath.

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