Jaycee Brown

I'm a multi instrumentalist and can play several different sets - or indeed mix and match! 
The most popular would probably be the rock and roll set with popular male and female songs mainly from the 50's and early 60's. For some songs I play solo's or instrumentals on flute / sax or clarinet depending on the backing track I have available. I choose songs people can sing along to.
I can also do a jazz set featuring popular songs from Nina Simone, Nancy Sinatra and more. Lots of opportunity to play live solos usually on sax or flute. 
Last but not least is the classical set. A mix of beautiful clarinet and flute pieces from popular masters such as Mozart and Schumann. 
Coming soon - Music from the musicals. 
Requests taken. 

Act Details

Name: Jaycee Brown
Type of act: Solo acts
Act contents: Music - Classical | Music - General /variety /sing along | Music - Jazz
Equipment required: electricity
Performance length: as required
Fee charged: negotiable (Negotiable)
Locations: Regional service (Norfolk, Suffolk).
Days of week: all


None provided to EAC.

Contact Details
Rachel Brown, 29 Clarkson Road, Lingwood, Norwich, Norfolk, NR13 4BA.

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